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party like a blockstar. sxsw 2008 - march 7 - 16.

2008: New playpen, new website!

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Welcome to Interactive Playpen 2008! We'll be fiddling with the site a bit more to make sure everything is working. Please leave feedback here if you notice anything strange.

This year we've got a fresh batch of Legos and a new twist: if you'd like a little competition, tag your photos to submit your entry into one of our 10 categories. Once the conference is over we'll choose winners based on community feedback. OMG, FREE T-SHIRTS.

Can anyone think of other categories we should include this year? We want to get people building and collaborating.


ryan Author Profile Page said:

Looks like comments are up and running again. Yay!

ryan Author Profile Page said:

Does the front page update when new comments are published?

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