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by sixfoot6 / Mar 02, 2006

Thanks to everyone for your enthusiasm and excitement - I think the Playpen is going to be a really fun asset to the conference this year.

So in order to make the booth as fun as possible, we encourage you to bring your favorite toys to share with other people. I'm trying to track down some Construx, a plastic modular building kit I played with as a kid. Any other suggestions?

If you don't have anything to bring, why not give us a small donation? We're not organized or financed by SXSW, but we want to make sure we have enough fun to go around. Thanks for your help!

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5: 3 Mar 06 at 09:49PM ari said:

careful, you may have an army of 8-9 year-old boys show up. I told Julien to keep it on the QT, but maybe I can coax him into stopping by to show us how all those newfangled pieces work (for those of us who only remember the standard brick variety legos).

Also, if you need help with logistics (getting the stuff, transporting it, etc.), please let us know.

6: 2 Mar 06 at 06:06PM sixfoot6 [TypeKey Profile Page] said:

Ooh, we appreciate the offer, Ari. Since we can't guard the playpen all day, I'd be hesitant to ask the boys to loan their toys for fear that something might happen to them.

Maybe we'll see how it goes for the first day or so and I'll let you know. I hope to see them playing there, too!

7: 2 Mar 06 at 05:53PM ari said:

I will bring the zoob that was left over from last year. I took home some of it, most of which has survived.

I know a couple of boys who may be willing to loan many, many building toys, but they will also be very, very interested in getting them back ...

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