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Donating the Toys

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Once the conference wraps up, we plan to give the toys purchased through the fundraising campaign to a local children's related charity. If you have suggestions for a group or organization we should contact, please post a comment. Perhaps there's a non-profit daycare center that could make good use of the already opened toys?

The plan is to drop off the toys late afternoon or early evening on Tuesday, March 14th or early morning on Wednesday, March 15th. If you would like to help us transport the toys to their new home, please let us know.


ari said:

My first thought is Caritas--they don't run a daycare and may not need toys, but they will likely have some good recommendations.

Now that I'm thinking about it, since many of the toys will probably be small (choke-able), a rec center or local after school program may be a better bet. Because of liability issues, many daycares don't allow small toys, balloons, and such to even enter their buildings.

Sooz said:

Thanks for the tips! It looks like the lego blocks will be saved for next year. Maybe we should give the other stuff (bigger than lego blocks) away to participants on the last day if donating doesn't work out so well.

E Mac said:

I work at SXSW and someone asked me what was happening with the legos after the event. We worked for the Boys and Girls Club of Austin and was hoping to locate someone to see if they would be interested in donating the legos to them. Just FYI. I told him to hang around down there and maybe he could find someone "in charge".

Sooz said:

Thanks for sharing this info! I'll email you with Ryan and my contact info so you or the Boys and Girls club person can followup.

u2able said:

I work with several non-profits and can help wash and distribute the toys if you are still planning on donating them. Just let me know!

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