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party like a blockstar. sxsw 2008 - march 7 - 16.

Mindstorming Playpen Ideas

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This site has launched! You may see a blank screen after submitting a comment, though it still went through okay. Trying to sort that out.

A small room full of Legos and other toys should be fun in itself, but I bet we can make it more interesting. Should we add challenges to build specific objects or structures? Contests for the best creations? We'll be adding a Flickr feed here to share all photos tagged with interactive playpen or iaplaypen. Perhaps the SXSW community at large could judge photos of creations uploaded there?

If you have ideas to share or would like to suggest your favorite modular toy, leave us a comment!


Sooz said:

Maybe there should be a contest for the best Lego-likeness of a SXSWi attendee? :)

jessica said:

I have and will bring Toobers & Zots to play with.

skampy said:

my legoman can kick your legoman's knobby/bendy/square ass.

star said:

Why isn't this on upcoming?

Taylor said:

Sounds awesome. Can't wait! I envision a giant lego robot.

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